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Membership rate through the convention.
Young Adult (17-21)US$$100
The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago

Program FAQ

Q: How can I get on Programming or suggest other panelists for Chicon 7?

A: We welcome a broad mix of program participants. A call for suggestions and papers will be going to many different venues in the near future If you are interested in being involved with Programming, contact

, or visit the program website to submit either yourself or someone else.

When you volunteer, please tell us what is interesting about yourself, the contributions you could make to the Program, and what type of programming you enjoy being a part of at conventions. Please also let us know if you are interested in doing a reading, having an autograph session, or participating in a kaffeeklatsch.

Q: How can I suggest Panels for Chicon 7?

A: We are always happy to have ideas and suggestions, please visit our website to submit your ideas. We can also be reached by email at


Q: Will my favorite author, actor, artist, scientist, etc. appear at Chicon 7?

A: We will have many writers, scientists, musicians, artists, academics, editors, agents, educators, game designers, and fans as Program Participants. As these people accept our invitation, we will post their names on our list of Program Participants.

Q: I am an actor/actress or other individual that would like to be a Guest of Honor at Chicon 7.

A: Chicon 7's Guests of Honor have all been selected and we don't plan to add additional guests at this time. Anyone interested in being a program participant volunteer should join the convention and contact programming to volunteer their services. Autographing and Reading time slots are assigned to program participant volunteers.

Q: I'm a SF/Fantasy writer. I'm also new to Worldcon and the SF Fandom community. Any suggestions on things to read to help me learn more about it before I volunteer to be on Program?

A: If you're a new SF writer, welcome to the community! Please take a few minutes to learn more about Worldcon, and Chicon 7 specifically, by browsing the Chicon 7 website.

We've collected some useful links to get you started:

Q: If I'm on program, do I get a free membership?

A: No one, other than the Guests of Honor, gets a free membership. If you are a member of the science fiction community, Worldcon needs your financial support before the convention to be able to pay convention expenses (like the convention center fees and publication bills). If Chicon 7 has money left over after all the convention bills are paid (and we are budgeting to do so), we plan to reimburse all or part of the membership fees for Program participants.

Q: What are Kaffeeklatsches and Literary Beers?

A: Kaffeeklatsches, Literary Beers, and Literary Teas provide fans with the opportunity to talk to a writer, artist, or an editor in a small group. These items will require advance sign-up and will be limited to a small number of fans. We will have complete information on how to sign-up on the Website closer to the convention.

Q: Can I get my book signed by my favorite author at Chicon 7?

A: Yes, but please use common courtesy and allow writers and others to eat their meals and walk from one panel to another without unduly inconveniencing them. We may limit the number of books that you can have signed at one time during an autograph session, more information will be posted closer to the convention.

Q: How can I promote myself/my books at Chicon 7?

A: One of the popular and often successful ways to promote yourself is to come to panels and your autograph sessions with postcards and flyers, listing your book and social media information. You can also purchase advertising in our progress reports and the programming guide.

One of the worst things you can do is to build a wall of books around yourself when you're on a panel. You don't want to hide from your audience.

Q: I wrote a story. Can I get someone to critique it?

A: Yes. Late in Spring 2012, we will post the instructions for the Writer's Workshop.

Q: When will you be putting the program schedule together?

A: We anticipate that we will begin contacting possible program participants in Spring 2012.

Q: Will the schedule be available for my smart phone?

A: Certainly! Look for this sort of information and our programming grid to be on the website much closer to the convention.

Q: Do you pay appearance fees or allow people to charge for autographs?

A: Chicon 7 does not pay appearance fees. We further do not allow guests to charge for autographs. We are a fan run convention and all our panelists are volunteers who pay for their memberships and donate their time. We have a limited set of Guests of Honor and that list is now closed.