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Mobile Support - Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes answers to some common questions about our Mobile Support.

The Chicon7 Mobile App is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets through the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app provides up-to-the-minute program and participant information, as well as providing the up-to-date Twitter stream for the convention.

You can find general information about our Mobile Support, including download instructions and a list of supported devices on the Mobile Support Introduction page.


Q: Will it work on my older iPhone?

A: The application will work on models earlier than the iPhone 3GS, but performance will be very, very slow.

Q: Will it work on older Android devices?

A: Because of limitations in the Android operating system, we can't support anything before Android 2.2. Also, performance on some older and less expensive Android devices is likely to be very, very slow.

Q: Can I download it outside of the iTunes App Store or Google Play if I don't have an iPhone or Android device or don't want to use the app stores?

A: No.

Q: Why is my app is running very slowly?

A: Because of the size of the event database (over 900 items with over 800 participant profiles) and the fact that when the app starts up it loads a new copy of the database, performance on older hardware is likely to be very slow. It should speed up quickly once the database is loaded.

Q: Why is everything taking so long to load?

A: If your connection is slow, downloading the database could take some time but once things have loaded, the performance should improve.

Q: I've noticed a bug, what do I do?

A: Sorry about that! Please check our "List of Known Issues" below to see if it's already been spotted and/or fixed. If it has not, send an email to support AT and we'll see what we can do. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to be able to update the iPhone app within the timescale of the convention because Apple is very slow to approve updates.

Q: I think a feature might work better another way. How do I let you know?

A: Please email your suggestion to support AT We will review all suggestions and hopefully will implement some of them into the next version of the software.

Q: Will this app cause high data use?

A: YES, it could! If you're roaming, we strongly suggest you use the app only on WiFi.

Q: If I don't have Internet access, will the app still work?

A: YES, the app works offline! (This is one of the major improvements from last year at Renovation.)

Q: Will using the social networking in the app drain my battery?

A: No. The app does not sync without your permission.

Q: Does the app update automatically?

A: No. You either need to exit the app completely or, on the Twitter, Program, Upcoming, and Changes screens, pull down the list you're looking at and force it to resync.