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ChiKidz - Code of Conduct

The ChiKidz (CK) Code of Conduct for People Working With Children

To ensure that all forms of abuse are prevented and to help protect people who work with young people the following guidelines should be followed:

Do not:

If you accidentally hurt a child or cause distress in any manner, or if the child appears to be sexually aroused by your actions, misunderstands, or misinterprets something you have done, report the incident as soon as possible. Parents/caregivers should also be informed of the occurrence.

You should never:

If a volunteer has to do things of a personal nature for children, particularly if they are very young or disabled, such tasks should only be carried out with the full understanding and consent of the parent/caregiver. In these instances, make sure to be responsive to the child's reactions: if the child is fully dependant upon you, talk with him/her about what you are doing and give choices where possible.

Participants With Disabilities:


When discipline is used, it should be with the clear intention of teaching or reinforcing appropriate behavior. It must not be used impulsively, to gain power, or to embarrass or humiliate a young person. Two people must be present to explain why the behavior was unacceptable.

Parents should not discipline another person's child, but rather refer the matter to CK staff immediately.

Discipline should be used only to:

Parents must be informed if a CK participant is to be spoken to about inappropriate behavior. There is a "3 strikes and you are out" policy within CK. Given the nature of young people, we will allow two minor incidences of bad behavior before Alissa and James, in consultation with the relevant CK staff, will make a decision to withdraw a welcome to an individual.

If a serious incident occurs of violence, severe abusive behavior, or an attempt or intentional harm to others, parents and Dave McCarty (the convention chair) must be immediately informed. Under consultation with the area heads and staff concerned, CK will consider withdrawing the welcome to an individual. Discretion in this regard is very important. Note that during a sporting game, emotions can run high, and this will be taken into account.