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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago

Artist Gallery

Samantha Haney Press

Samantha Haney Press has always known she was different from other girls. The urges began to strike her at a young, tender age, until her parents finally consulted a "How to Talk to Your Child About Art" pamphlet and they had the Talk. Thus enlightened, Sam was able to indulge her artistic inclinations, and she pursed a professional creative career with zeal.

As a student, her work was selected by the Society of Illustrators for inclusion in their NYC gallery's exhibition of student work, and she was published in Steampunk Magazine. Ultimately, Sam graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University while organizing her class' senior portfolio gallery show.

Sam currently serves as Art Director of both Eggplant Literary Productions and Grand Guignol Games. While still fond of 2-D illustrating, she now also works to transform the page via 3-D papercrafts and book sculptures.

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Artwork: "Rapunzel," book sculpture, © 2012 Sam Haney Press