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Artist Gallery

Richard Hescox

A graduate of the Art Center College of design "With Honors", Richard Hescox started his illustration career with assignments from Marvel Comics. He then branched out into many and varied fields of illustration. As a book cover artist He worked for most of the major publishing houses that had Science Fiction or Fantasy lines including Daw, Del Rey, Signet, Baen, Bantam, Tor, Warner and Ace producing over 135 cover paintings. Among these were many covers for the books of Marion Zimmer Bradley and the "Venus" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. (The latter had been a dream project of his since reading those novels in his youth.) For the Hollywood film studios he created advertising art and production designs for Swamp Thing, The Howling, The Philadelphia Experiment, E.T., The Dark Crystal, The Fly, The Neverending Story, Halloween 2, and Time Bandits among others. For the computer games industry He has been an art director and conceptual designer for Microsoft Games Division, Sierra On-line, Wild Tangent, Dymanix and Zipper Interactive. In this capacity He Art Directed the game "Rama" based on the novels by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee. Numerous magazine illustrations, videocassette boxes and record albums also felt his touch. Besides his many U.S. clients, publishers throughout Europe and Russia regularly make use of his images on books and magazines.

Richard is a winner of many awards in the field of Science Fiction and Fantasy art including The Jack Gaughan Memorial Award and the Chesley Award from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

The artwork of Richard Hescox has been exhibited at the Society of Illustrators in New York City, the Delaware Art Museum, the Canton Museum of Art in Canton, Ohio and The University of Maryland Art Gallery.

Richard now lives In Reno, Nevada.

Note: Richard Hescox's work will be exhibited at Chicon 7 by Northern Star Art.

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Artwork: The Heart of Atlantis